Remarkable Homeshare FAQs

Q: What is the difference between Remarkable Homeshare and Remarkable Support?

Remarkable Homeshare is part of Remarkable People Ltd and a member of the HomeshareUK Network.
Remarkable Homeshare matches Householders, who have a spare room and who need support (but not care), with kind and helpful Homesharers who need somewhere to live, at minimal cost to both parties.
Remarkable Support, on the other hand, is a bespoke service finding full-time live-in carers for people.

Q: How much does Remarkable Homeshare cost?

Our fees vary to reflect differences in the local housing markets and our running costs. Our aim is always to keep the cost to the Householder to a minimum.
Remarkable Homeshare provides a mutually beneficial and cost-effective solution for both the Householder and Homesharer.

Remarkable Homeshare Berkshire

The Householder pays a fee of £50 per month to get the support and companionship they need. There is also a registration fee of £80 for the householder, to cover the Homesharer’s checks and references.
The Homesharer pays £300 per month and gets a pleasant home. After 6 months, this reduces to £250 per month. There is also a registration fee for the Homesharer of £50.

Remarkable Homeshare East Anglia

The Householder pays a fee of £90 per month to get the support and companionship they need. There is also a one-off registration fee of £90 for the householder.
The Homesharer pays £260 per month and gets a pleasant home. There is also a one-off registration fee for the Homesharer of £60.

Remarkable Support

Q: How does Remarkable Support Work?

Remarkable support is a bespoke introduction agency, finding companions for clients in their own homes, matching to their specific requirements. We support our clients every step of the way, from establishing what’s important to them to meeting and interviewing prospective companions and assisting with employment contracts.

Q: What do I have to provide for a live-in companion?

Your companion will need their own bedroom and preferably their own bathroom. When they are not working, they will require a comfortable place where they can sit, relax, watch TV uninterrupted, etc… This will be agreed between yourselves during the interview process.

Q: How much is the introduction fee?

You pay us an introduction fee of £2900 which is payable over 4 months, with no ongoing costs and that’s all!

Q: What will the companion be paid?

We are able to work to your budget.  Upon a discussion with you about your exact requirements, we will be able to advise you on the ‘average local pay’ structure for your needs the final pay decision will be yours.

Q: How will I pay the companion?

We have negotiated, on behalf of our clients, with an accountancy firm who can offer a competitive payroll service.  If you choose to use this, all you will need to do is pay a monthly invoice to the accountancy firm who will then make any deductions such as National Insurance and Tax and will forward the remaining amount to your companion.  This also provides peace of mind that your companion has been paid the correct amount, as required by legislation, and avoids any potentially awkward conversations.

Q: What about insurance?

We recommend all clients inform their insurance company that they are employing a companion in their home and follow the advice of their insurer.

Q: Is Remarkable People registered with the Care Quality Commission?

No. As an introductory agency, we are not regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Although we do not directly employ the companions (as they are employed by you), they are carefully vetted and checked and chosen for their personal qualities. You can be reassured that prior to employment all of our companions will be required to have an up to date DBS certificate. All references will be contacted and verified and any further relevant certificates will be confirmed with the training provider.

Q: What if I am not happy with my companion?

For your peace of mind, if your companion was to leave your employment within the first 3 months, a percentage of our introduction fee would be refunded.  A breakdown of these percentages is clearly shown in our Terms & Conditions.