Remarkable Homeshare FAQs

Q: What is Remarkable Homeshare?

Remarkable Homeshare is part of Remarkable People CIC and a member of the HomeshareUK Network.
Remarkable Homeshare matches older Householders, who have a spare room and who need support (but not care), with kind and helpful Homesharers who need somewhere to live, at minimal cost to both parties.

Q: How much does Remarkable Homeshare cost?

Remarkable Homeshare provides a mutually beneficial and cost-effective solution for both the Householder and Homesharer.

The Householder pays a fee of £50 per month and also a registration fee of £50.
The Homesharer pays £200 per month and also a registration fee of £50.

The registration fees goes towards the costs of initial checks and references as well as those associated with the matching process.

Q: Does any money exchange hands between the Householder and the Homesharer?

The simple answer is no. There is a monthly fee, paid to Remarkable People CIC, for facilitating the Homeshare and offering ongoing support.

Q: What is the monthly fee for?

This covers the costs of all the checks and references and matching, as well as setting up, monitoring and updating the Homeshare Agreement. It also includes regular calls and/ or visits to smooth out any issues and promote a happy Homeshare for our Householders and Homesharers alike.

Q: How safe is Home-sharing?

All our Homesharers are screened and vetted for your safety. Our comprehensive screening includes Police checks, background checks and face to face interviews.
Background checks include ID, visa and reference checks.

Q: What about insurance?

We recommend all Householders inform their insurance company that they have a Homesharer.
Homesharers are responsible for insuring their personal possessions.