Home care companions can relieve the pressure on NHS beds

As the national crisis in NHS bed shortages reaches its peak, the impact on the elderly is being felt around the country. With almost every hospital trust in England reporting unsafe levels of patients last week, patients are being kept in makeshift wards, on trolleys or in the back of ambulances. There are even reports of patients dying prematurely in corridors.

Planning to live for longer with a live-in companionHome care companions can relieve the pressure on NHS beds

Thanks to medical advances and a greater understanding of healthy lifestyle choices, we can expect to have a longer life, and considering care options can be the key to making the most of it!

As explained in an informative BBC article, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42572110, ‘People are living with a growing number of long-term chronic conditions – diabetes, heart disease and dementia. These are more about care than cure – what patients usually need is support. By the age of 65, most people will have at least one of these illnesses. By 75 they will have two.’

Live-in Support is the answer

With a live-in companion or carer, maintaining an independent, healthy lifestyle can reduce the need for hospital stay. And when a stay in hospital is required, a prompt discharge is easier and distressing bed-blocking can be avoided.

A stitch in time saves nine!

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