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live in companion for elderly
  • Live-in companion
  • Day companion
  • Overnight companion

Our mission is to give you peace of mind and quality of life in your own home


  • Believe in helping people who want to stay in their own home
  • Recognise that there is a need for a flexible, personalised, cost-effective home-care approach in this area
  • Believe you will get a better quality of care if your money goes on paying your companion/ carer rather than paying agency commission
  • Are aware that relatives don’t always have enough available time to personally support loved ones and need time to meet their own needs
  • Understand that families want to protect their assets to pass on to their children and grandchildren
  • Believe in finding the best match for you and when we’ve found your perfect match giving the continuity of the same person all the time

Live-in care

A live-in companion Berkshire will give you all the support you need, day and night, to enable you to stay in your own home and maintain your independence. We will find the right companion for you, based on your needs and interests.

Your live-in companion will work up to 7 days a week, with holidays agreed between you. You will need to give your companion a 2-3 hour break each day, during daylight hours.

Your companion will need their own bedroom and preferably their own bathroom. When they are not working, they will require a comfortable place where they can sit, relax, watch TV, etc.

Personal care for the elderly
Companion care services for the elderly

Daytime or Overnight companion

Some people prefer a companion to come for full days or nights, rather than live-in. We will find the right companion for you, based on your needs and interests, and for the days and hours that you need. Holidays and days off will be agreed between you.