Never Believe These 4 Myths Regarding Live-in Home Care Companions!

Humans are social animals who need companionship, love and care throughout life. It scarcely matters whether you are in your teens, middle age or latter years, you deserve the support of someone who can fully comprehend you and your needs, practical, personal and emotional; someone to rely on; an ally with whom you can share your happy times and interests, and someone to help alleviate your anxieties.
Few families have this in-built support and many people need the reassurance of a companion or carer who can give them the quality of life they want and deserve. This gives rise to paid care, companionship and home care for the elderly.
Care companions can fulfill multiple roles, providing individual care and giving vital support with carrying out daily household tasks and sharing memorable moments.
But, it’s a big step welcoming someone into your home, made greater by the many myths surrounding live-in care. So, let us just bust the main myths for you!

4 Myths Regarding Live-in Care Companions Busted

1. All Care Agencies are the Same
Not true!There are many agencies that provide home care services and each agency works in a different way: Do you need full-time or part-time care? Do you want to know that the same person is coming each day? Do you want someone to live-in? Do you want someone who can share your interests and help maintain your independence?live in companion for elderly
Agencies vary greatly in the quality of their approach to recruiting, vetting and interviewing carers and companions. It is of paramount importance to use the right agency for your needs, giving you the quality of experience and peace of mind that you deserve.

2. Live-in Care Companions Are Just for the Sick and the Elderly
Again, not true! Live-in care companions are for everyone who needs support whether it be practical, personal, emotional or a combination of all three. It’s true that home care for the elderly is the biggest sector of this market, but care companions can be for anyone, young or old, in good health or bad. Care companions can take the strain out of everyday tasks such as washing, cleaning, shopping, driving etc, and support you in doing the important things in your life, like meeting up with friends and family, attending health care appointments and accessing pastimes old and new.

3. Live-in Care Companions Are Too Expensive
This myth can be a major barrier to looking for a care companion. A more affordable way could be to use an agency to find the right person to suit your budget and needs, without further monthly agency fees on top.

4. Live-in Care Companionsinvade your privacy
Just the opposite!Live-in care companions are there to help people remain independent and fulfilled in their day-to-day activities and people hire their home care companions accordingly. It’s about retaining and protecting your privacy by getting the right person for you and for your needs.
So, if you’re thinking about live-in home care for the elderly or getting support for your daily activities, don’t be put off by these common myths. Make sure you see the true picture and get the care companion you need and deserve!

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